Daily Archives: February 23, 2016

Reducing Hotel Carbon Footprint through Workforce Practices


Since opening Alpha Canberra Hotel & Apartments in 2014, which was closely followed by three other hotels in NSW and QLD, Alpha Hotels & Resorts has adopted low-carbon workforce practices to provide energy savings, lower costs and improve overall business performance.

The Managing Partners of the newest Australian-owned hotel group, saw an opportunity to build a hotel brand and network of efficient, mid-upscale hotels and apartments with an eco-friendly virtual corporate office.

Bruce Holliday, Managing Partner said, “The customer-facing hotel workforce naturally needs to be located onsite looking after guests and managing the day to day operations, however there are specialised services and areas of management that present many benefits for remote workers.”

Traditionally, operators of hotel groups set up either a corporate office or provide work space for the team that support the hotel network from a nominated hotel. Both of these structures require commuting to work, add to overhead costs and consume more energy through use of office equipment.

Instead, Alpha Hotels & Resorts recognised the benefits of engaging a virtual team of largely home-based sales, marketing and IT experts to launch its brand, and to provide ongoing operational support to a pipeline of hotels. This structure means their specialised management team work in the most part remotely, immediately reducing their own carbon footprint – and by extension the carbon footprint of their contractors.

Julie McKinnon, Director of Adapt Marketing, offers home-based outsourced marketing expertise and services to all four Alpha Hotels & Resorts, and says, “Marketing strategies for hotels are focused on driving revenue through direct and other digital channels, which can be supported 100% remotely”.

“Working virtually with hotel teams on marketing activities allows them to spend more time where it matters most – looking after their customers”.

She added, “I have a paper-less office, and use a range of teleworking solutions to collaborate with clients to keep travel and consumptions of resources to a minimum.”

Alpha Hotels & Resorts currently owns and operates four mid-upscale hotels and apartments located in Canberra, Western Sydney, Brisbane and Surfers Paradise. For more information visit: www.alphahotels.com.au